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  • Happy Valentine’s Day 💕💕
  • Notice the tiny little machine on the bottom shelf? Meet the new @officialcricut Joy! Complete unboxing over on my channel. Come and be introduced to your new crafting BFF! #ad #cricutjoy #cricutcreated
  • Swipe to be Introduced to the CRICUT JOY!! The big news is finally here! This tiny little @officialcricut machine can do big things. She’s not a replacement for the Maker, she’s not a replacement for the Explore Air 2, she is a companion machine. Or, she’s perfect for those who don’t have a machine yet. You might not have a lot of space, might not craft all the time, but you would still love to be able to do things when you want to. The Cricut Joy is for you! Join me for a complete unboxing on my channel - Kim Byers - or it will be on Facebook soon! 😁💕 #cricutjoy #cricutmade
  • Only one more day!! 💕 Make sure you tune in tomorrow for the @officialcricut Facebook live at noon MST! #cricutcreated
  • Big news!! @officialcricut has got a LITTLE something coming! Tune in Wednesday morning, February 12! 😁💕 So exciting! #cricutcreated
  • Infusible ink grocery bag totes! 💕 If you are a giver, this is amazing craft for you to make and take to your local food bank the next time you donate. Often times people who are struggling and have to use the services of a food bank walk there, or use public transportation. They’re given cardboard boxes to take the food home in and that can be very cumbersome and awkward. These are a fun way to brighten someone’s day and to make things a bit easier. If you’re not familiar with your local food bank you can go online at to find one close to you. 🥰 #cricutcause #giveback #bekind #foodbank #dogood #infusible #ad
  • Valentine cards! 💕 I made this one to go with a ice cream coupon 🥰 #valentines #classvalentines #papercraft #icecream
  • Rainbow Valentine Box! 🌈 #ad I love making these each year and it’s so easy with my @officialcricut 💕 Last year I made a darling little cactus valentine box. But this year, I made God‘s promise into the sweetest little box that I know my niece is going to love it! Full video tutorial 😁 #cricutmade #valentines #rainbow